Wedding Portfolio

Capturing the love in every photo.

The morning of a wedding day, three bridesmaids are peeping through the window.
Little girl in a dress, talking to her younger sibling, in front of a bouncy castle.
Groom popping and shaking a bottle of champagne, whilst the Bride cheers holding her bouquet in the air.
Bride and Groom kissing after popping a bottle of champagne.
Groom picking his Bride up, and spinning around.
Portrait of Bride on a set of stairs with her white wedding dress cascading behind.
Bride and Groom first dance on their wedding day on the dancefloor
Bride in a castle hall, standing with her train laid around her, holding her bouquet by her side.
Baby wearing a little suit, sat on the green grass, waving his arms in the air and giggling.
Bride and Groom holding sparklers and kissing, surrounded by their wedding guests
White shih tzu dog, looking out of a window, wearing a bow tie.
Father embracing her daughter on her wedding day
Father's first look of her daughter on her wedding day, surrounded with the bridesmaids
Father kissing his daughters hand before walking down the isle on her wedding day
Emotional hug between father and daughter, on her wedding day.
father tearing up seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day
Bridesmaids reacting happily to Bride holding her baby
Father of the Bride wiping away tears as he sees her in her wedding dress for the first time
Bridesmaids tearing up seeing the Bride for the first time in her dress
Two young bridesmaids stunned seeing the bride in her dress for the first time.
5 Bridesmaids opening their gifts from the bride on her wedding day
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Bride and Groom kiss as their guests surrounding them throw confetti
Bride and Groom walking down a confetti gauntlet
Bride and Groom kissing at the end of a confetti gauntlet
Bride and Groom giggling in each others company at sun set.
Four Bridesmaids linking arms with the bride in the middle, walking, laughing, at golden hour.
Four groomsmen and groom in triangle formation, all making final adjustments to their suits.
Bridesmaids and groomsmen throwing the bride up high in the air.
Six bridesmaids interlocking arms with the bride. Walking towards the camera, smiling and laughing
Groomsmen all laughing, picking up the groom
Bride and Groom kissing whilst the bridal party runs around them with green smoke bombs
6 Bridesmaids and bride leaning over a balcony, showing the backs of their personalised robes.
Bride looking at her wedding dress before putting it on
Bride looking over her shoulder, at her bridesmaids fluffing her dress.
Groomsmen walking in a line with Groom in the middle, holding their Blazers over their shoulder.
Groomsmen surrounding the Groom, all pointing at his ring in a comical sense, all having a laugh
Bridemaids holding the bride up, almost dropping her
Bride and Bridesmaids reaction when her father sees them all for the first time
Bride and Bridemaids linking arms walking having a laugh with eachother
Father helping one of the groomsmen with his tie
Bride and Mother, holding hands tightly, sharing a moment before walking down the isle
Bride and Bridesmaids holding their bouquets, smiling at eachother
Groomsmen helping the groom with his button hole
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Groomsman putting the lead on a white poodle, that is wearing white roses on their collar
Bride pulling the curtains open, looking down to her right shoulder
Bride having her makeup done on her wedding morning
Groom sat on a hay barrel, making out with his bride
Bride pulling her husband close, foreheads touching, sun setting behind them
Bride and Groom nose to nose, with the golden sun beaming through
Bride and Groom walking hand in hand through wildflowers, laughing, at golden hour
Wedding guests mingling before the wedding ceremony. Male guest looking at the camera giving a thumbs up
Flower girl running towards the bridal party carrying their suitcases
Bride and Groom during their first dance, Bride's dress swishing around after spinning
Bride having her lipstick done on her wedding morning
Father putting his young sons button hole on for him
Two bridesmaids having a laugh during the morning prep
Bride having last minute touches to her make up

"Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still."

-Dorothea Lange